Wednesday, October 13, 2010

283 Hello Whineville.. wheres the next exit?

So my 3 year old has turned into quite the whiner.. it was like magic.. boom she turned 3 and then boom she turned into a whiner!! I spent about an hour in Target today and I kid you not this child spent 99% of that time WHINING!!
OMG every question should could think of to ask me was with a WHINE! AAAHHHH
Here is an example question.. (please read in a very whiney voice) Whats Kadens name.. Whats the foods name.. Whats your name.. and on and on and freaking on!
If there is one thing I cant handle its whining sooo this stage needs to go by quickly because after one day of it I am one spent angry tired and WHINING momma! haha


Becki said...

Great that means I can't even offer to switch you kids anymore, now that they both whine!!! Sending my looooovvvvvveeeee (insert whiney voice)!!!

alison said...

oh man--the minute one kid finally exited from Whineville another would discover it. I am so over this place--its not a destination vacation for sure.

Norah said...

Sometimes I ask L, " Do you want a glass for all of that whine? " LOL