Tuesday, October 12, 2010

282 An AFW family fun time

We are in the market for some new furniture so we decided to head over to AFW to check out what they might have. The kids always love going to these stores.. trying out couches, beds, chairs etc seems to be quite the fun time.
For me I see germs for them they see play house! Well it ended up being pretty cute because every time Kaden or Maddie would try something out they would comment on it and then Malia would run and jump up (or try) and would copy their comment lol!
So our pictures are courtesy of Rich's phone which he took with him to basketball so he is going to have to hack in and add the pics when he gets home!


tamiz said...

The picture with you all "sleeping" is awesome! Love that Malia is playing along. Can't tell you how many nights our fam roamed that store...well actually we usually left the older 3 home with Elias. We did AFW date nights!

Angela said...

My kids love it there too, but mostly for the escalator! Fun times! Hope you found some great stuff there! I saw on one of your other posts that we have the same bar stools from there! :) I like to think I have good taste if I have something the same as you!