Monday, October 11, 2010

281 Yaa for Coloring!

Malia recently has become interested in coloring.. mostly with pencils but I can get her to use crayons if Maddie will join her!

Today I had to go to Kadens school to take in his epipen and it ended up being lunch time and he came and took me to his table.. where he was surrounded by all girls.. oh boy!


tamiz said...

ummmm??? Did Malia color that picture of Dora all by herself? That's awesome you happened to show up at lunch for Kaden!

Norah said...

Cool coloring, and don't talk about the girls!!! I can't deal with that yet!!! lol

alison said...

Of course he was surrounded by girls! ha ha!
Wonderful coloring skills Malia's getting.