Saturday, October 9, 2010

279 Gotcha Day #2!!

So heres the thing, I have had to do the math in my head about 20 times (not kidding) it just doesnt seem possible that this is only marks 2 years of Malia being home with us. It baffles me when I go and look back that she hasnt been with us forever. She melded into our family so seamlessly I just dont hardly think about how special she is and that O ya she was adopted.. not kidding!
While I was dusting a few weeks ago and stumbled across her photo album that was sent home with her from Korea. It all of a sudden hit me that she is special, she was born all the way around the world and has only been with us 2 short months. I think it must be good that I dont think of her as the special adopted child but I also like remembering that really she is pretty dang special. This sweet girl went through so much in her short little life and the way she has grown is amazing. I mean for real this girl was labled as special needs.. umm have you met her!
So tonight we celebrated by going to Red Robin.. Malias choice, shes been singing it all day waiting to go lol! Then we headed to buildabear and had all the kids (even Kaden) make a special memory animal.
Malia chose the first one on the shelf a cute little bear, when she grabbed it out of the bin she was ticked that it wasnt already full of fluff lol! Then when she was helping make it she FREAKED out by the noise of the stuffer.. kinda funny!
Maddie made a cute little husky.. her school mascot!
And Kaden ended up relenting and made an owl lol!
I spent a lot of time the last few days going through her old videos from her first couple of months home and it just gives me the chills.. and makes me cry!
What a sweet, challenging, hard headed, smart, tender hearted big girl she is.. and man do we love her!!
So here are some of the pics that were sent home with her from Korea, some from today and a link to that day and her gotcha video (make sure you expand that video)
She looks like 5 I swear!
So excited to celebrate our big day!


tamiz said...

I can't believe how long ago it seems. So cute having her hold her newborn pic...remember how many times you clung to that picture waiting for her? She was so worth the wait. Love that little Miss!

Haley L said...

My most vivid memories are of your face when she finally got off that escalator and of her little head bob side to side as she aquainted herself with Kaden and Maddie. Forever etched in my memory! :)

Tirsa said...

Special needs? Try super smart and beautiful and the sweetest miracle!

Angela said...

Just watched that video and it made me all teary! What a special little girl and so perfect in so many ways!

Melissa said...

Rory has this outfit - SO wish we lived closer. I bet we'd all have a blast!

Norah said...

Holy tears of joy! Yeah, I cried watching your video. Linhsey enjoyed it too. The smile on Kaden's face at the airport...on my. What sweet sweet children you have.