Monday, October 25, 2010

294 Everyone needs a break sometimes

Well I think we are all a little tired around here. Seems like we have all been on the go non-stop for a few weeks and we are in desperate need of a break!! Thankfully this Saturday will finally be a non-session day for me so the kids and I can just relax!!
I had a poo poo day and when Maddie got home from school I soon realized she had a poo poo day. During her homework time she just wasnt functioning, she couldnt do the simplest math equation and I asked her what was going on and she just started bawling and crawled in my lap and just had a good cry. I carried her to the couch and asked what was wrong and she said she didnt know, that she was tired, cold, and missed me at school. BROKE MY HEART!
So I decided she needed a day off from dance I took her to dinner and we just relaxed. After dinner she decided she wanted to finish her homework and she whizzed right through it. I dont know what was going on but I totally understood the exhaustion that she must have been feeling so Im glad she was able to have a night off!
Im hoping tomorrow will be better for both of us! If I could just sleep through the night I know I would feel better!

And after a long day I couldnt have been happier to put this one to bed!
Its spirit week at school.. today was sports day!


Angela said...

I think a day off is good for re-energizing yourself for all of life's ups and downs. Here's to a great upcoming Saturday and may you sleep like a baby tonight!

Haley L said...

Maddie has told me before that she misses you when she's at school and I've always thought it was so sweet! I have been tempted before to call in to work and take a mental health day. Everyone needs them!! Hope tomorrow is better.

tamiz said...

Poor Maddie and poor you. I sure hope Malia didn't wake you up last night. I need a day off too. I don't have fancy work sessions but I would like a day of doing only MY things and not the kids! I'm guessing Caleb probably thinks that's what NYC was for.