Sunday, October 24, 2010

294 Fun exhausting times!

Maddie had a very long busy fun fun day! She had the opportunity to go to a different dance studio and join their group for a workshop! It was a 6 hour ordeal where she had 4 classes all an hour long with breaks in between and she learned 3 new dances. Lets just say she loved it!! She was so excited for it, it was short notice but Im so glad she was able to go!
The teachers were all amazing, the studio was great and the girls were so fun!!
She was the smallest and one of the youngest along with her friend Kinley who came too but she did so good!!!
Im trying to post videos but everything is acting up so heres at least one for now!
Im trying to catch up from my skating night last night but I dont have any pics but I do have video so maybe I will go add that there!


Haley L said...

I hope you sleep tonight! Thanks so much for being a fill in mommy and for inviting us to tag along. I absolutely love watching Maddie, especially when she busts out the hip-hop attitude. I am still amazed how fast they learned all that stuff!

tamiz said...

Holy moly! She learned that in one day AND 2 other dances? Thats was awesome!

Angela said...

She is pretty impressive! I love that she is the smallest one and yet can keep up with the others just fine! So cute!