Friday, October 15, 2010

285 Day at the patch!

Well like I said yesterday it was a very busy day today! I just barely got done editing my HS session from this morning and I am spent!! So thanks to Rich I had the slide on here in time and I will have to edit some of those later!!
We had a great time at the Pumpkin Patch today amidst all of the craziness... even though Rich almost got barfed on by a stranger which then led me to dry heaving lol
But we love taking the kids there and it was lots of fun!!
Tomorrow will be just as if not more crazy than today was soo ahhhh


tamiz said...

I'm still remembering 2 years ago when you took Malia for the first time! Have fun at Super Saturday!

Angela said...

Okay the baby goat looks kind of cute, but once they get to be an adult, I am no longer a fan. :) What a nice mommy to take your kids to the patch! Did you get any pumpkins there? I forget that it is almost Halloween with the weather still being in the 80's!