Sunday, October 10, 2010


Remember these little dolls!? I had my 3rd session with them this weekend and as usually they were amazing!! Head over to SnapHappy for more!

This little one was a stinker today.. not sure if it was the late night last night or the really short nap but O boy was I ready for her to go to bed tonight! This was me saying "smile" and her saying "like this" while she was pouting lol
These 2 were stinkers too!


tamiz said...

those girls are seriously not helping my desire to want to fill my burb! They're still dolls. I had to sub with 2 min. notice in a primary class of 6yr old girls today and they DID NOT make me want to fill my burb. They were ROTTEN!

Melissa said...

This is my favorite set of pics from you so far, Kris! Great job!

Angela said...

Those are some cute little girlies! What a fun experience you have taking pictures and being around all these beautiful people too!