Saturday, October 2, 2010

272 I know I know

I got to spend the evening with little El, if you want to see more go check out my SnapHappy page!
Rich was able to take Kaden to his first Priethood session. Made me pretty proud to see my two boys taking off for that!
And if some of you saw my earlier post Im sorry, I didnt realize it had bad words!! The SNL one bleeped them out! I was just being a little sarcastic about my brother.


tamiz said...

Malia's hiney is hilarious! That has to be cold. Last night I was thinking I can't wait for all the boys to be old enough to go to Priesthood meeting.

Angela said...

Your boys do look pretty handsome all dressed up for priesthood. Ours is coming next year! Great pictures of El by the way! She really loved sucking on that basket, eh? Too cute!