Tuesday, October 5, 2010

275 A re-realization

Maddie loves reading to Malia in their cubby.. Malia loves being read to, it works out pretty good!

Kaden had his hair trimmed today and was itchy so he took his shirt off while doing his homework.. I snapped a pic because I thought it was funny... he didnt!!
And then we had this fun dinner!! Arent they cute!
So I have been struggling with wanting to speak my mind and prove my point to people who dont want to listen. The problem which I knew and have had to relearn is that no matter how right you know you are and no matter how badly you want to be heard and listened to, not everyone or specifically, the people who you feel and know need to hear it want to.
So I have re-realized that silence is golden. It is only more upsetting to sit and fight your point only for it to be turned around on you in a completely different direction than what you had intended.
I can only hope and pray that one day that the REAL truth will be spoken and all truths will be admitted and realized.


tamiz said...

Are those striped ravioli? Yummo!! I agree with you 100% on the silence philosophy. It's hard cuz you don't want to feel walked on but when you sit back you realize that when you speak out it usually falls on deaf ears anyway. Just so you know tix here for Turkey day are pretty inexpensive right now...don't worry about it being Hobby airport. We'd send Jamal to get you!

tamiz said...

PS. Happy Birthday Miss Malia! We love you and miss you!

Angela said...

I TOTALLY AGREE!!! I have said what is on my mind, and it seems to just make things worse. Only true friends will listen to what you have to say and take it to heart. But you have taught me to say "no" once and awhile and to not let people walk all over me. You are a great example.