Thursday, October 14, 2010

284 Loooong weekend

The kids have a long weekend and Im going to be busy with photo shoots and super saturday, but thankfully Rich will be home tomorrow and that will be a big help but Saturday might be a nightmare.. just hoping Miss Malia is happy!! She did have a whiney morning but seemed to have a nice nap and woke up happy and unwhining!!!
I just love how the weather is changing, the leaves are turning and running in the morning and evening is a lot easier and more enjoyable! But soon I wont be able to kick the kids out of the house YIKES!


Angela said...

Our tree is turning red outside and I love it too! When I first saw Maddie with the chalk, it looked like she was on carpet! LOL I guess I don't have any furniture on our porch and that is what threw me off. :) Cute pic of Malia too! See ya at Super Saturday!

Elizabeth said...

Yeah for the weekend! This one will be a busy one for sure...except no hubby for me either! Hope Saturday is a blast...:) See ya there!

tamiz said...

Your kids are out of school today? I don't think mine have any days off until Thanksgiving. So not nice of you to show me the red leaf tree. Ours turn straight to brown for the most part. Boo!