Friday, October 8, 2010

278 Jogamania

Maddies school had their Jog-a-thon today and she was pumped and ready to go! She ran 20 laps like a super star! The weather turned miserably windy and even a little bit of rain after it started but the kids just kept going! Good job Mad!
Rich and I just got back from our date night. We dont do it very often but when we do we always realize we need to do it more! We saw Social Network and I thought it was pretty great.. JT in bed with an open shirt.. um yes please!

And just because it was cute, we took this video of Malia saying thank you for her bday card from my dad.


Angela said...

I even saw a pretty mommy running with Mad along the way! Good job for Maddie! It was pretty cold, but she never gave up! Oh and PS... I saw that clip from the movie and I liked what I saw!