Friday, October 29, 2010

298 Gearing up for Halloweening!

Today the kids were able to dress up for school! Always a huge hit of course, but I was shocked a couple days ago when I realized that I hadnt really prepared their costumes! We knew what they were going to be, I had the girls stuff but just hadnt really put it all together.. OOPS!
So last night after running around and photo shoots we ran and found the perfect Justin Bieber outfit for Kaden but I had to bedazzle some fanciness on it because well JB likes some bling!! It was quite a pain but I think it turned out pretty good. I even made a back stage pass haha!!
When Kaden got home he said everyone reacted really great to it and lots of girls want the jacket and they also thought he had a real back stage pass WOOHOO!! (btw he was JB to make fun of him not because he is a fan!!)
We studied him online to get some of his mannerisms...
Blinged out jacket.

The back stage pass..
Aww cute boy
After a lot of thought Maddie decided she wanted to be a butterfly with Malia (because Malia is rewearing her last years costume since it was so huge last year!) So we ordered her some wings and Maddie wanted to just rewear her tutu from last year.. yaaa!!
I painted her face this morning and boy is she a cute butterfly!!
Because I found this in my yard and noticed it was so pretty!
Poor girl has been fighting a cough.. I ended up bringing her home after lunch after she had a yucky coughing fit that ended up with her gagging up some nastiness..
You can tell shes not feeling so bright and cheery but you cant stop this girl!
I spent the morning in her class helping!

Then tonight some of us girls got together and dressed up and went out to eat. We usually go every year as a group as witches but we ended up just doing this and it ended up being pretty dang fun!! We had Little Red Riding Hood with her awesome head in the basket! A couple of docs, and Ref, a Tooth Fairy, A Vacationer.. hilarious! And I was Gilly from SNL.. hulu it if you dont know who that is!!
It was a FUN FUN night thanks ladies, so glad we could all get together!!



Haley L said...

Such a fun night! Thanks for helping to organize it. O and I think you found yet another part-time job as a face painter. Wow!!

Angela said...

I agree with Haley! That face painting job on Maddie was awesome! Thanks for the fun night out! It was a blast!! Your outfit was so fabulous!