Monday, October 25, 2010

Skating videos

I had an amazing time on Saturday night skating with friends for my friend Angelas bday! We barely quit laughing the whole 4 hours!! I think by the time we left we all had sore feet and sore cheeks (the ones on our faces) from smiling so much!!
There were these guys there 1 was about 18 and boy did he think he was hot crap with all his fancy moves.. it was to funny! We kept trying to follow him and copy his moves.. unfortunately if I didnt want to fall on my tuckas I couldnt really keep up!
Then there were these older gentlemen that showed up with their own skates, 1 in a glitter shirt who thought they were going to the Olympics LMBO!!! THEN there were 2 guys in the 20's that showed up and boy did they think they were awesome! It was to funny getting stared at and kinda hit on by these guys!!
What a super fun night we had!!!


Elizabeth said...

It was a great night for sure! Loved Angela's fancy tricks on her skates...I think she would have stayed there until midnight, had I not driven! HA!

Angela said...

I totally would have stayed until midnight! I am already planning a trip back! It is going down as my favorite birthday party ever! So fun!!! Kris- Thanks for coming and making me laugh all night! You were such a good sport, a great skater, and an awesome dancer!

alison said...

What a fun birthday!