Wednesday, September 1, 2010


She wanted her "boobies" on LOL!!! I think the only thing that bra will fit is her poor swollen eye! She kept saying all day "my poor eye" And ya she is still being SUCH A TURD AHHH!!

So fun watching Maddie have a little free time tonight!!!

Kaden left for Baptisms for the Dead tonight.. his first time. Pretty cool!


alison said...

that's funny--ryan calls them my 'boobs' too. he wanted to pick out my clothes last week and as he was rifling thru he found it and said "here mom, you need boobs!"

hang in there with malia, you know its got to get better. :)

Norah said...

Great boobies : ) LOL

tamiz said...

Oh Fred, She's gotten her that movie!

Stepping On Legos said...

Love those boobies! Addy put two large wooden ice cream scoops under her shirt the other day and I nearly passed out!

Elizabeth said...

Oh my! That is hilarious!! I love that pic of little Miss! I hope your day with her is better today!