Tuesday, August 31, 2010

240 The big decision..

Well after a very long time thinking a pondering what to do about Maddies dance studio, we have decided it is best to pull her out. She absolutely LOVES to dance and she loves her teachers and the girls she gets to dance with but ever since summer we realized they were making a lot of changes that didnt seem quite right to us. We have tried to stick it out but it just became very clear that it wasnt a good fit for our family.
I was very worried about how Maddie would take the news, and to be honest I was prepared for her to have a complete meltdown and I would have taken her back.. cuz Im such a tuffy! lol
But she took it like a champ, she is an absolute jewel of a kid and said she understood. She of course is going to miss the girls and her teachers but she was ok with the decision.
Im so excited to have her back! Ever since school started I have barely had her home, she comes home from school and immediately gets ready for dance and some nights doesnt get home until after 8 and almost every night has had to have dinner at the studio.. I just have had a really hard time with that so I am SOOO glad to have my Miss Maddie back home more!
We think we have already found a new studio that will be a better fit for us!! So we are excited for that!

Poor little Malia got a mosquito bite last night and the swelling has just gotten bigger and bigger today.. she must be allergic or something because she gets so swollen and then dark little scars. Im really hoping this one will just go away peacefully!


Angela said...

Malia's pouty lip is super cute... :)

Maddie is a great kid! I am sure it was hard for her to change, but that shows alot of character on her part to be such a good sport about it. Hope a new place works out for her. Anyone would love to have Maddie dance at their studio! She is a sweetie!

alison said...

Wow! That IS a big decision! I'm sure its been a tough time coming to this--but I think you're probably right. I'm sure this isn't the end of dance for Miss Maddie--she's such a talented gal!

Erica said...

Along with everyone else- WOW! Best of luck with the new place- I can't even imagine my little working that hard. I'm sure it was a great decision for your family.

Melissa said...

Wow! That's alot of time for a 7 year old to devote to a sport! Glad you were able to make a good decision and hopefully you'll find a new studio for her.

Stepping On Legos said...

Wow - big decision for sure! But you have to be very happy with a place you are giving so much of your child's time and your money to. I totally get it.

Addy has the same response from mosquitoes. She gets SUPER swollen and they take forever to heal. When she gets them now, I zap them with benadryl cream right away and it solves the issue about 90% of the time.

Norah said...

Oh that poor eye, but oh that adorable pouty lip! I hope the new dance studio works out great.