Tuesday, August 10, 2010


School is just a week away.. Im not ready! Well we are ready as in we finished our shopping today!! SO thats good! But I am not ready to have the kids back in school, I love having them home and it seems like we just have barely been able to relax for a minute.
The kids are excited so I will try to come to terms!
Malia got a little backpack today while we were shopping.. she was just a little excited!


Haley L said...

I'm not ready either!! This summer just flew by . . . A lot of good memories from this summer, tho (except the bears!!). :)

Angela said...

I know! 1 more week? Summer has flown by! Love the pi of Maddie... She looks like she is enjoying something yummy!

tamiz said...

Sorry I haven't commented lately. I've forgotten about the computer lately. I hadn't been on my blog or yours since thurs or friday I think. OOps! Glad you had a good vacay. Jude has a backpack too and is so excited for school. I'm ready for all of them to go except him.