Saturday, August 7, 2010

216 Maddies Bday!!

What a big busy day we had! Maddie turned 7!! I cant believe it, time flies way to fast!
I will have to do a 7 year update on her when we get home, but for now heres what we did!
We were at our hotel so Maddie opened presents in the morning and got everything she asked for, which was easy! Books, a pillow pet, and a polly pocket camper! Shes easy so I of course threw in a few more things!
We met a couple of my siblings and their families at 7 peaks at spent a bunch of time there and we all had a blast.. even when it got cold and rained on us!!
Then we hurried home to get ready for my Grandpas 90th Birthday Party/reunion!!
It was awesome, I got to see family for the first time in probably 16ish years! It was so so fun!
I am so bummed a bunch of my pics are crap, I just wasnt paying enough attention and had it in auto for when Rich was taking pics.. dang! Owell!
Maddie said it was her best birthday ever, so I think we did good!

My dad with all of his kids and grandkids, and my grandparents!

All the family that was there.. except the few that I didnt get in.. oops!
Malia just loves my Grandpa, and she was just holding his hands and rubbing them and dancing with him, it was adorable!

Grandma and Maddie

Malia didnt get much of a nap but she did awesome today and had so much fun!
My dad bought Maddie a cake and she got sung to by the whole fam!


Haley L said...

So neat to see you get to re-connect with family. Maddie looks about 12 in that first photo. Oh, an love that shot of Malia and your grandpa's hand! Have a safe trip home!

Norah said...

Happy Birthday! What a great day. Linhsey wants a pillow pet so bad!