Thursday, August 19, 2010

228 BUSY!

Kaden had his 1st day of school, and yes it was hard to let him go! I have been talking to him about being a home schooler and he shot me down (guess thats good!) When he got home he said his day was boring! Thats better that sucks right! He did have a good day though and so far he likes all of his teachers! He didnt like his band teacher, which I was expecting, we've heard plenty about him and I warned Kaden it wouldnt be as fun as last year and it turns out his teacher was pretty much trying to talk a bunch of them to quit or they would have to switch to brass! WHAT we OWN our drum set dummy! So Kaden decided maybe for now he will skip band so we switched that class today for him!
So far so good though!
After Kaden and Rich had both left Malia felt Maddies leaving coming on so she grabbed her backpack and held on to Maddie and wouldnt let her go, poor thing was so sad today. I asked her for a pic while she was holding on to Maddie and she knew that meant it was about time to go so she just sat there and gave me a pouty face and just wanted Maddie to hold her.. might be a hard adjustment.. yuck!
So it was a busy busy day for us all, as soon as Maddie got home she had to leave for dance for 3 1/2 hours of dance.. ya crazy right! But she loved it, she was pooped but she loved it. While she was at dance I was out doing a photo shoot with the most darling girl, she is a senior this year and I have been SOO excited about this shoot! I am about 1/4 done editing.. I had 2150 photos to choose from!
Sooo excited for school...


Angela said...

Kaden looks so handsome in those pictures! Watch out Kris! :) He is a chick magnet! :)

tamiz said...

Can't wait to see the pix of Alyssa!