Saturday, August 28, 2010

237 Honey Bee Performance

Well like I said it was a busy day! Maddie had her performance today and man did she rock it! Seriously she just comes alive on the stage! While she was doing the last group number the girls sitting behind us was talking about her and making a point to watch her.. so fun to over hear that kind of stuff! We are so proud of her for working so hard and doing such a great job!!!

Here are a two of her dances. The first is a tap number they have been working on, and will be a competition piece when it is done!
Then her duet that she has been working on for a few weeks, her partner broke her shoulder so she has a fill in and Millie did a great job.. and so did my girl!!
Kaden did the video for me!


tamiz said...

K, she was awesome! I really hope that our recent yob friend was able to see her rockin' it.

Angela said...

She really does get into it and it is so neat! She has such a dancers body and I think she is going places for sure! Way to go Maddie!

Norah said...

Linhsey loved both videos!