Wednesday, August 18, 2010

227 My 2nd grader

Can you believe it? Ahhh I cant believe Miss Maddie is a 2nd grader. Makes me so sad! And man this house was so sad and lonely without her!!
I found her up and dressed and ready to go at 7 this morning. She was all smiles and counting down the minutes until it was time to go! She has such a great attitude about school and I know Im very fortunate for that! She has a great teacher and knows quite a few kids in her class so she is ready to go! When we picked her up she was all smiles and had a great day! Shes such a good girl and man am I going to miss her every day!

Malia was very excited to have Maddie back!
Kaden enjoyed his last day of freedom bwahahaha.. gonna miss him to!

The girls did some serious dancing after Maddie got home.
AND YAAA Caleb came to visit tonight! Malia right away took his hand and led him to the couch and cuddled and played with him until we had dinner! She was quite sad when he had to go back to Denver and so were we! It was great to see you Caleb.. come home soon!!!


tamiz said...

LOVE Malia's ballet slippers! Happy and sad to see Caleb with Malia. Boo Hoo! I think Rich needs to renew his efforts in finding a job down here.

Kris said...

Love LOVE that last pic. So precious.

alison said...

I agree--that last picture of you and Maddie is precious. Hope you and Malia do well today while the older 2 are gone.

Erica said...

Those shoes Malia is wearing are adorable! I too LOVE the last picture- so beautiful!