Tuesday, August 17, 2010

226 NOOO

Well Im a bucket of tears! Im not ready for the kids to go to school, Im not, even though theyve been turds this week, and Ive done some yelling, as I sat listening to Maddies teacher tonight I was like wait what the crap schools starting!! AAHH Not ready just not, we just havent had enough down time from sports and dance! I always say next summer we will take more time off and we never to but really next year MORE TIME OFF!! Remind me please will you!
I also had to go get my teeth drilled this morning, after only ever having 1 filling EVER and even that was tiny and didnt need numbing this time I had about 5 cavities on my right side. OMG I dont know what the crap happened to my mouth but how sad is that! Even the dentist had me take 2nd xrays because my teeth look so good.. but underneath there is some serious drama happening. Lets just say it didnt go well, almost 12 hours later I am still swollen and numb in my cheeks and mouth, and it freaking HURTS like a mutha!
Anyways enough of my whining!! We took the kids to DQ for a night before school treat and now Im off to put them to bed. I will be a sad little mess the next couple of days.. and for Malia, lets just pray she doesnt go nutso on me!!


Angela said...

I didn't even notice your mouth tonight when I was talking to you! I am sorry you are in pain and hope it feel better tomorrow with a nights rest and some meds! I have mixed emotions about school too... It is sad that life happens so fast!

Erica said...

I'm so sorry- Monday couldn't have come sooner for me. It's because you turned 30 that your mouth went to pot by the way. :)

Kris said...

Ditto to what Erica said...my teeth were great till 35 and then I had 7 cavities in one visit! We also go to DQ night before school but we didn't see you. :( If you need drugs, let me know...I'm a pharmacy.