Sunday, August 1, 2010

210 My big man

After missing all week on here I thought I would dedicate today to Kaden!
July was quite the month for him. Turning 12 was a big deal, and with a big birthday came a lot of new responsibilities.
First off he was given the Aaronic Priesthood. He was very excited about that! He was mostly excited to get to pass the Sacrament! The first Sunday that he got to do it Rich made sure he was up helping and was able to pass him the tray for the first time! It was really neat seeing the passing of the torch kinda. Rich got a little teary eyed, it was really sweet!
Then of course was the big camp out this last week, he loved it and is ready for the next time.. me not so much!
And now today he was able to go with Rich to get Fast Offerings. He was super excited and made sure he was dressed and ready to go.
He came home a little taller, smarter, and older it seems. And I HATE IT!! I want my baby back! I really dont like the thought of him growing up and leaving in just 6 short years. I might just have to move and stalk I mean follow him wherever he goes!
We are so proud of the young man he is becoming. He recently decided that he wants to focus on Baseball in terms of sports and not waste time with football this year. So we went ahead and pulled him out. I hope he doesnt regret it, but I am excited that he has set some goals for himself and he is ready to go after them and work hard to achieve them.
I was told by his scout leaders, what a great young man he was. He never go into any trouble, wasnt ever told where to go, he just made sure he got there. There were stories of other young men who didnt do as well with listening, home sickness, or just being turds and I was so happy that there was nothing but great things said about him. So proud!
We sure love him and are blessed to have such a great young man in our home. I think he is a wonderful example in our home and to his friends!


Angela said...

From what I know of Kaden, he is a great kid! He does look so grown up in that picture with Rich! And so handsome too!

alison said...

I love that picture of your men! I share your mixed feelings at watching them grow up, but at the same time its so cool!

Stepping On Legos said...

you should be so proud! He sounds wonderful!! And you know I'm right there with ya with the growing angst! Why can't they just sloooow down?!?

Doug said...
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Haley L said...

And perhaps even better is that the kid has a total sense of humor, too. The story of the proposed video of "Mom, I need another Epi Pen" was funny! Of course, only funny cuz it wasn't true. ;) Sorry about the deleted post . . . I was logged on under Doug's acct. Oops!