Saturday, July 31, 2010

209 HE'S HOME!!!

And man are we happy about it! It was a long hard week.. for ME!! He on the other hand had an absolute blast!
BUT when I picked him up at the church the leaders gathered the parents to let us know that they had seen multiple bears pretty much every day and one night there was one that kept coming into their camp RIGHT next to Kadens tent, and the leaders had to keep running it off! The bears tried to get into the cars and even got up on one of the leaders cars. They still had the prints on their cars from the bear.. umm freaky much!! Umm I about barfed when I heard how close the bear was to Kadens tent, I just really am not ok hearing that my son was feet or inches away from a bear!
Thank goodness they had very competent leaders.. one who ran after the bear with an ax yelling GET OUT OF HERE!!! Kaden keeps retelling that story over and over again lol!
He got to fish and pass off a couple merit badges and has a million great stories!
Im glad I let him go but Im not so sure I could handle doing it again!!
Kaden LOVES camping and was in his element, unfortunately we arent a camping family.. guess he might have to bumm some camping trips from someone else! HA
We are so happy to have him home, Malia wouldnt let him out of her sight for a little while and just kept giving him hugs!


Angela said...

Glad he was kept safe and is home now! I would have been a mess knowing that my son was only a few feet from a bear! Thank goodness for great leaders!

Haley L said...

It about makes me cry that Malia was glued to him. So sweet! Glad they are home, too, and sure enjoyed standing there in the parking lot hearing how great they were. Proud moms!