Sunday, July 18, 2010

196 Is it hot in here?

OK our AC hasnt been working since Friday. ITS FREAKING HOT!! We've had 100 degree days the last few days and I dont have a freaking AC.. Im a little cranky about that!
Yesterday after realizing it wasnt something we could fix, we had some (insert bad word here) guy come and paid a hefty amount for him to do a couple things, it started working, he left, it quit working, he wouldnt come back.. NICE!! FYI dont use Big Mike.. just sayin!
And after calling a bunch of people we heard the same thing.. Monday, Monday, Monday!
So we've all been sweating our butts off, trying to stay cool and calm, I do admit to a minor melt down yesterday, otherwise we've been staying cooler in the basement watching movies and just hanging out.
We just got done with a movie and I checked on Malia who was in her bed upstairs and she was tossing and moaning and completely sweaty, so I just put her to bed downstairs, poor baby! Kaden and Maddie have been sleeping down there the last couple of days and tonight I think Rich and I might have to join them all!
So hopefully we can get this mother fixed tomorrow, or I might just run away to greener and cooler pastures!!


Melissa said...

Oh, no! Hope it's fixed soon - no AC is miserable!