Friday, July 9, 2010

187 Water fight!

We decided to finally pull out Malias little pool today and it ended up being so much fun for all of us! I watched the kids play and then we had a picnic dinner outside.
The pool was in the shade so it was quite cold but they decided to try to go back in and it didnt work out, it was just to cold after dinner. So we started a water gun fight. I was in my clothes and I decided no mercy! So while Kaden was filling his gun I took him DOWN!! I got him in the pool (and he is a bigger chicken than the girls with cold water) and we preceded to dunk SOAK HIM!! It was so fun, I ended up drenched, the kids were soaking, Malia was getting in and out and shivering, and we all couldnt stop laughing and screaming!!
I just kept thinking this will be one of those days they always remember. I remember an ice fight my family had when I was a kid, and its one of my favorite memories. I hope my kids had that kind of a day!


Norah said...

Looks and sounds like a blast! Love the golden light on him in the last pic.