Thursday, July 8, 2010

186 Baseball, hula hoop, and the salesgirl!

I have been SO HAPPY the last couple of days. Its been gloomy and rainy and I just adore that kind of weather.. I know that makes me insane, Im ok with that!!
The kids have just been hanging out playing with each other, movies, cartoons, and just having fun!
Kaden had a game tonight and pitched the first to innings! He did GREAT!! Only one runner got home, it was freaking awesome! He also had two solid 2 base hits which was also awesome!!
It was a great game!!

A couple of his strikes! Then a couple hilarious videos of Maddie hula hooping... let me just say what she decided to add was all on her own and I was cracking up!


tamiz said...

where can i get my first edition Madness hula hoop?