Saturday, July 24, 2010

202 Tourney

Kaden had his baseball tourney today. He had to leave bright and early to get up to his warm up. They started out great winning their first game easily!! Kaden had some great hits and an RBI! He played 2nd baseman and didnt get as much play there as he usually does but when it came his way he did great!
The 2nd game it went down hill, the first 2 innings they got 10 runs OUCH! We only had 2. THEN they put Kaden in and he shut them down, and Im not kidding! They didnt get any more runs in until the last inning where they got 2 so they ended up still winning 12-5. Even though we lost we were so dang proud of that boy getting put in at the time and killing it!!!
Our 3rd game started great but our boys must have been pooped because we soon dropped behind and we never gained on them. So we were done.
8 hours of baseball later and we went home with a bunch of sad boys.
They really played great and the 2 teams we lost to were good ones. But still so dang proud of all of them!!
Kaden at 2nd.. ball stance!

Scoop at catch

Mike at pitch

We had a 2 hour break between the 1st and 2nd game so while the boys hung out the girls watched a movie!
And can I just say that the girls were amazing to! Sitting for 8 hours of hot baseball without meltdowns.. hurray!!
Kaden bringing the heat

After he turned the mood around when he got put, they were all excited and had a good little team meeting!
I didnt catch his grin but he was pretty dang excited!
I had to sneak back to tell him good job!

Our team cheerleader!

Good stance!

We rewarded him with some Red Robin and we are off to the drive inn!


Haley L said...

What a day!!! I thoroughly enjoyed watching Kaden pitch today. He was totally in the zone! Thanks for taking a few of Coop--the quality of your shots so far surpass anything I ever get, so I sincerely appreciate it.