Monday, July 19, 2010

197 Is it hot or cold?

I am grateful for a lot tonight!! First off.. I have cold air blowing woohoo!! We had a guy we know come and we were right the other guy was totally trying to screw us (pardon my language) but he was! Soo woohoo we have cool air, I might not have to be all sweaty tomorrow!
Today was supposed to be 97 and dry, I prayed for cool weather and rain.. and while working out, it started to rain!! It was muggy BUT it kept the temp down a bit!! And even though it still got up to 87 in here today it didnt feel as horrible!
Then tonight was Kadens LAST game of the season woohoo!! They ended it with a win and now we just have the tourney this weekend!!! They have had a great season, which always makes it funner! Kaden assisted 4 outs tonight which was pretty dang awesome! He got a chance to pitch and wasnt quite on his game, but still played great!
Did I mention I have cold air blowing out of my vents?? O YEAH BABY!!
Im almost at 200 posts! I think I might do something fun for the big 200, so stay tuned... all you non comenting lurkers.. Im gonna try to get you!

Maddie had 3 hours of dance today and loved every second of it!! I sure hope there is a SYTYCD when she gets older!


Elizabeth said...

Kris I am so glad you have AC finally!! Whoohooooo I bet you are in heaven!! :) That is awesome Kaden won his game!! So great!! YEAH!!!!

alison said...

Yay for the AC!!

Lurk lurk

Haley L said...

He has some awesome pitching form! Great pics! Thanks for getting us a win while I was gone. :)