Wednesday, July 28, 2010

206 it was supposed to be...

A relaxing day.. but it ended up being a struggle with my dear sweet innocent Malia. Do you hear the sarcasm in my voice? Cuz OMG this child was a NIGHTMARE TODAY!!
The kids have all taken turns having this weird bug that pretty much just makes them have no appetite and maybe a couple loose poopies here and there.
Malia wasnt feeling good Monday but then seemed fine, I had her wear a pull up because when shes sick she always has accidents whether its a cold or whatever. Well she has seemed fine but today she had a poopie accident in bed.. ok I can understand that, and then it ALMOST happened again, but we did make it in time. Other than that her mood was totally fine, except when she was getting into TROUBLE!! She..
Climbed on the back of the couch..
I ran to grab her while she fell and I grabbed her side and arm and ended up scratching her to which she now tells me I DROPPED HER!! WTC!!
THEN she again was jumping on the couch while I made dinner I told her to stop so she dropped down to pout, fell again and landed on Maddies baby stroller.
THEN she walked over to my Vietnamese woman statue and decided to just push it over.. she has NEVER played with it before. Well the head came right off.
At this point I just had to send her to her room for awhile so I could regain my composure!
After that she came out of her room, and seemed to realize she had gone to far and was quite pleasant the rest of the day, and kept hugging and asking to cuddle.. kiss butt!
Thank goodness this ones easy!! We played games all afternoon, it was lots of fun!


Norah said...

OMG just look at her holding the evidence!!! Can it be glued?

Haley L said...

If you don't already have a copy of Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day, let me know. One of my all-time favs!! Not sure it's a good sign that my kids all know it by heart. Hope today was better and Miss Malia's tummy is on the mend!