Wednesday, July 21, 2010

199.. Comment time people!

K first, could you just die! Her face is freaking adorable, she totally hammed it up tonight and I was so mad at myself for not taking a second to fix my settings! O well they are still cute!
SOOO tomorrow will be #200 and I thought I would do a little treat for my followers/blog stalkers! Yes I know your out there.. comment people!!!
I know I have about 20 of the same people come on everyday and usually at least 30 more than that everyday! So Im gonna try to trick you all into commenting!
So you see that cute clip Malia is wearing, the first 5 commenter's will get one FREE!! They aren't all the same but they are all cute!! So tomorrow make sure you get on and comment!

We made cookies tonight and they were a little over cooked but they girls wanted them anyways, so we headed outside. Malia took a bite and looked at me and said "it has chocolate in it!!" OMG it was so funny!

Then she decided to strike a pose or 3!

Maddie was on a chocolate high too!

I thought this was pretty sweet!
Kaden all sweaty after a nice long practice!


Erica said...

Well I'm the first!!! I have no need for the cutest hair clip though. :) I love that little model- you are gonna have your hands full!!

Norah said...

Looks like Malia enjoys chocolate the way I do! LOL. The clip is beautiful, but little L wants to be a boy. Sigh.... What to do???

Haley L said...

If I had a clip, I prolly wouldn't even know how to use it! ;) Just had to tell you what a kick I get out of Maddie on carpool days. She talks like a teenager some days. Too cute! O and I am way impressed that you've kept up this daily posting!

Angela said...

I want one! I really try not to be a blog stalker, but sometimes I go to blogs at night and I am too tired to do much but look at the pictures. :)

Stepping On Legos said...

I need one! Did i make the cut?!?

tamiz said...

hahaha to all the peeps who didn't understand that they had to comment on the 200th post! HEHEHE So you're saying there's a chance for me to win one for MYSELFFFFFFF. ah ah ah