Monday, July 5, 2010

183 4th prt duece

Maddies performance yesterday went great! Then we went over to the carnival and let the kids right a couple rides and they had a blast. It was a typical small town carnival which was perfect because we didnt want to spend a lot of time there. It was especially hard being on a Sunday. But Maddie was tall enough to ride some of the bigger rides and that was a lot of fun to watch!
Her dance group also took 1st in the parade for best costumes and dance!!

Malia was to small for any of the rides so daddy gave her one!
This was the last ride they went on and I love their faces!! Kaden was actually making faces at me on purpose lol!

And tonight Rich took the kids swimming! So I had some quiet time and they had an absolute BLAST!! Rich came home with all sorts of stories of how funny Malia was. She LOVES the pool and the water!


tamiz said...

ps. so glad to see maddie's hair in french braids! Yay for longer hair again! That had to be a big stretch for you to let the kids go on carnival rides. Did you sanitize them before and after?

Haley L said...

Thanks, again, for the pics from the park. It made my day because none of mine turned out. Glad you could join us for ghetto fireworks and root beer. :)