Sunday, July 25, 2010


Heres the thing, I like my kids, I like having them home, I dont want them to go away, I DONT want them to go away to camp for 6 freaking days!!
Kaden will be leaving for Scout camp at 2:30 in the morning tomorrow.. this I am not ok with! I have been trying to bribe and talk him out of it for the last few days and he just isnt going for it. He is excited but I HATE it! I am worried about his nut allergies, Im worried about just about everything I can worry about.. yes I am neurotic that way! Ive been a hot mess all day and Im pretty sure I wont get a good nights sleep until he gets home. I miss him already, boooo!
Malia is on day 2 of no nap so when we got home from church she took a short nap and woke up for dinner and it was evident that she was ready to go right back to bed... well according to her at this exact moment she was "awake" hmmm I think not!
When Kaden realized that would be his last chance with her for a week he got teary eyed and decided he needed to take her to bed, she sure loves him and he sure adores and loves her, it was so sweet!

Maddie is a blanket maniac, she destroys my blanket closets everyday to play with them, today she was "hiding"
Man she will be bored all week when Malia is napping, Im gonna have to figure something out!


Angela said...

6 days is a long time for him to be gone! I hate that kids have to grow up when we just want more time with them dang it! :) Hope all goes well and you get through the week ok. Call me if you go crazy and want to get together!

tamiz said...

For some reason I can't see your words on the blog from the iPhone. For some reason I'm guessing you were saying that you're going to miss Kaden and don't want him to go. Glad I don't have to face that this year.

Erica said...

You'll be ok and so will he. :) I guess it must mean you really those kids and they are blessed to have you as their mom!!

Hey is there something wrong with your 2's and 7's? Sometimes they get confused. I suppose that Kaden is not really leaving at 2:30am.

alison said...

the week will be over before you know it!

Norah said...

Oh that face! That adorable I'm wide awake and not tired at all face!
Hang in there, Kaden will be back soon : )

Nicki said...

Ugh. I am with you. I don't even like it when my kids are at sleepovers! The house feels not at ease and wrong until they are all home. A week would kill me! But I know my time is coming too!