Saturday, July 10, 2010

188 COLD?

Maddie had her nutcracker auditions this morning and after I was planning on taking the kids to a splash pad but they just wanted to hang in the back yard.. OH K!!!
So we all headed to the back yard for some cold water fun! I stayed mostly dry while attempting to get a little color.. a little! And they had a blast! Kaden and Maddie were both being chickens and hiding while the camera was out but Malia wasnt!

Thats what happens when you cover the blow hole... heres what happens when you move..
She was so startle she ended up falling down.. then laughed btw. I was cracking up, and then seeing this photo I was so glad I caught it lol!


Haley L said...

That last photo is so cool! You can see every droplet of water. Next time I go (or we go) on a run on a hot day, I'm stopping at your house for a cool off!