Monday, July 26, 2010

204 Day from H e double hockey sticks!

Well it was a horrible long bad day BUT my girls are so gorgeous and fun and cute, so Im over it!
But Ill give you the rotten list.. Didnt get to sleep, my mind was just worrying about Kaden and camp, then we had to get him up at 2:15 to get ready to leave for camp, it was really hard letting him go. Then more worrying and more not sleeping, along with my sweetheart snoring in bed.. aaahhhh!!
So we decided to go do some retail therapy, but first I took Maddie out back to take her pic because hello she looks freaking adorable, when I walked on a DEAD FREAKING BIRD!! WTH!! It was dead dead dead and crunchy, and when I looked down realized what I just stepped on I being the OCD every germy thing freaks me out kinda gal I about barfed!
So theres that. Then we headed to the mall, get there and realize the stroller isnt in my car.. GRRRR. O'well we go in, decide we will make it a quick one and we did. But we decided to grab some pretzels and drinks and eat them on the way home. So while driving home I realize I have HUMAN FREAKING HAIR stuck in MY FREAKING TEETH!! BARF BARF BARF It was NOT my hair it was long hair from my pretzel. OMG
Ok thank you day from you know where, what else do you have for me! Let me tell you... we get home and Malia all of a sudden doesnt feel well. I grab my computer and the cord somehow has been broken. THEN after taking Maddie to dance I need gas go to the gas station and realize I left my wallet at home... ya at this point I just start laughing because what else can ya do right!
So I treated myself and Malia to some good Qdoba dinner, put on jammies and we are relaxing for the rest of the night!
I did get word twice that Kaden is safe and sound and having a great time!! So thats a relief!!


Erica said...

OK sorry I totally thought that was a typo- 2:30am?! Sorry for your super crappy day, boy have I had my share of those. However this day for sure was one of your worst nightmares- with all the germs and things. Glad Kaden is doing well and that first picture of Maddie looks like a model!!!

Elizabeth said...

Oh so sorry for your horrible day! I totally gagged just now reading about your pretzel! YUCK!! Hope you can get SOME sleep...with the peace of mind that K is doing well!! Hope tomorrow is so much has to be right?? LOL

Angela said...

Sorry to hear about your no good very bad day! That doesn't sound like fun at all! I once found over a foot long hair in my blizzard at DQ! ICK! And the bird thing really makes me sick! I had a dead bird fall from the sky and land on my head once and the DMV.... That was the worst! No wonder I don't like birds a whole lot... (Just from a distance!) Hope your day is better tomorrow! Hang in there! Loved your pictures too! I agree with Erica that that one of Maddie looks like she is a model! Get her in some magazines already! :)

Haley L said...

And it didn't help your day from he*& that I screwed up the carpool. :(
Thanks for the updates that the boys are alive and well. I didn't sleep either if that helps. O and that pic of Maddie that is close up with her hat and bright eyes is amazing!!