Sunday, July 11, 2010


Glitter toes!!! Becki are you so proud?? I got sick of waiting for real glitter toes and decided to try the ghetto way today! After I did mine the girls.. and Kaden decided they wanted in on the glitter action, and YES I did say Kaden lol! He only had his big toes done and as you can see I had to pin his foot down for a pic.. he was ticked at me and when and immediately washed his off, TURD! But Im happy to have pretty toes for at least a few days!
After dinner we all headed outside, the boys did yard work.. and us girls?? We ate CAKE!! haha

And in a sugar high little miss got a bit sassy with her posing.. and yes she was being sassy on purpose, I couldnt believe this Maddie pose she gave me lol!

Malia started to sneakily play in the water..
Kaden enjoyed some cake after mowing!

Oh ya getting a little braver... if you know me you would know how hard it was for me to not freak out that she was playing in a pool with her dress on, but I let my OCD go for a minute and then ciaos erupted!
Once she realized I thought she was being pretty cute, she layed it on!

Yep there she is dumping water on herself.. btw it was COLD water!
Then Maddie decided Rich had missed out on so much fun the other day, it was his turn to get wet!
Well he doesnt quite play fair just because shes a girl.. and Malia joined in the fun!

Again Malia was feeling brave..
And then fell in, landed on the tail and decided it was comfy lol

But she got him back!
and again,
Then Malia got cold, and even though she didnt want out, we called the game..
Oh maybe not!

No really get out shivering girl!!
Kaden and I played it smart and stayed out of it today!!! It was a lot of fun!! Then we watched Curly Sue.. so fun!! Ive been making the kids watch a bunch of my old favorite movies on the wii through netfl*x... LOVE IT!! Yesterday was The Man From Snowy River!! I love that movie, and I was excited to see I still had so many lines memorized.. ya Im cool like that!
Hope you all had a great weekend!!


Melissa said...

Your back yard is just beautiful!

We've been watching "old" movies too (now that Camden is getting past the 100% animation phase). I'll have to add Curly Sue to my list.

Becki said...

Love the color of the toes and I think I may have that. We will do them the fun way when you are here!!! :) They still look good though, can't believe Kaden sat there for it ... he he he