Sunday, July 4, 2010

182 Happy 4th Part 1

Happy 4th of July everyone! One of my favorite holidays! I love celebrating our freedom! I dont reflect often enough at how lucky I am to be free. I am thankful for all the men and women who fight everyday so that I can live how I want!
Maddie dance group was in the parade today! They did it in the afternoon which was kinda tough but the weather was actually quite nice (said the mom sitting on the side lines!)
Maddie LOVED the parade, she loves performing!! And later today we have to go back the the festivities for her to perform her Transform ya dance!

Shading the poor baby, who gets so hot so fast.

Malia was pretty tired but once they finally got to us she brighten up a bit! She kept waving, it was pretty darn cute!

Something funny, there were people ewwing and awwing at how cute Malia was but there was someone in the parade that took a pic of her from the car they were in... kinda weird. What would you do with a pic of some kid you dont know? She is adorable I cant blame the lady!
LOVED this tiny firetruck.
I am a big fan of these oldies!!
Finally at the end of the parade, our girls showed up!! Maddie spotted us right away and waved and grinned!

They moved way to fast! I ran across the road in hopes of a better pic but it didnt really work.
She looked hot but man did she have fun!
Then they took the girls on a joy ride in a stretch hummer!!
Group pic of Team Axis


tamiz said...

Man oh man I miss those munchkins! Happy 4th!