Wednesday, August 25, 2010


This was the exciting scene here today! Maddie didnt have dance, Kaden didnt have sports, and Malia.. well she was just excited that Maddie was sharing her gold fish.. until I told her to get off the table..

But then we went outside and all was good, she even learned how to peddle her bike! Very focused

Maddie rides with her tongue out.. kinda scary and after this picture I yelled at her for not wearing her helmet!

She loves it!


Erica said...

Cute little Malia! I wish my 7 and 4 year old would pedal a bike. Sad- we really are outdoor people and I think my children are suffering. We were determined to get Spencer riding without training wheels this summer- didn't happen!!

Angela said...

Your kids always look so happy riding around on their bikes and scooters! Love the pictures!

tamiz said...

Man I wish my boys could ride thier ripstiks on their butts down the street again!