Sunday, August 8, 2010

217 We're home!

We made it!! It took a long time like almost 10 hours but we are home, showered, fed and clean!! We headed to my Beckis to hang out this morning after Rich spent some time with his brother at the hotel. We were all bummed to have to leave, we really had an amazing time getting to see so much family!! I was able to tap back into childhood memories of being at my Grandma and Grandpas and playing with all my cousins, it was the best part of my childhood and getting to see my kids do it and love it melted me. Now the ride home was a nightmare, food took forever when we stopped, and then the worst of it... I got PULLED OVER!! I have NEVER been pulled over in my 15 years of driving.. never! I was going 8 over which in Wyoming isnt really that big a deal, I was being careful because I had a feeling it was going to happen.. I usually go 87ish.. hehe But I was on cruise at 83 right after going through construction and BAM I copper flies up my butt, I slowed down and he turned on his lights. When he came to the window he asked if we had seen him flip around, I said no (I had been and always watch for that kind of thing) and he said he clocked me at 86 5 miles back. Well I was dumbstruck because I knew he was wrong but I wasnt going to argue! He came back with a $110 ticket, and even though I was bawling when he came to the window the heartless bugger didnt care!! GRRR I know he was wrong.. even though I was speeding it was the wrong speed!! Anyways Im so glad we are home, so grateful for the great time we had and the family we got to be around!! Goodnight ya'll Im tired!


Haley L said...

Sorry about your ticket. I don't know ANYONE who drives through Wyoming with any regularity that hasn't gotten a ticket. Grr! That pic of Kylie is gorgeous and I love the one of Maddie airborn!

Erica said...

Man I wish it had only been 15 years since the last time I was pulled over. But I do have to say that I am super surprised, you are one of the safest drivers I know! Sorry about the ticket- it's their way to get money for their pitiful state.

Angela said...

Next time you just need to show the officer a little leg... LOL Sorry to hear about your ticket, but glad you had a fun trip!