Tuesday, August 3, 2010

212 Malias commercial debut!!

So now Ill be waiting for Sobe Lifewater to be giving us a call so that can use her in their next ad! Dont those pics make you want to go out and buy some and drink up!!! SO cute!

We had lots of fun outside waiting for the storm.. it didnt show up though dang it!

Maddie now can do a full right and left split!! She has had her left for quite awhile but today she got all the way down on her right.. to say she was excited is quite the understatement!



tamiz said...

I'll take a strawberry dragonfruit please!

Angela said...

She is drinking the best flavor! Love the yumberry pomegranate! Way to do Maddie for getting the splits down! That is so cool! And I love your pics of the skies when it was so cloudy!