Saturday, August 14, 2010


Ive been on the hunt for a good tagged up wall for an upcoming shoot and made the kids come test this one with me today! Kaden who is usually a turd about taking pics rocked out some awesome pics. I swear he had the most amazing eyes!!

Malia was being a little gangster.. with her panties hanging out lol!

Then when we got home Maddie was playing dress up with Malia and she looked so stinking adorable! She is all about stealing Maddies stuff right now.. future drama for sure!


Erica said...

That wall is pretty cool. I heard about your upcoming photo shoot- can't wait to see the finished results!!

Angela said...

What an awesome place for a photo shoot! I LOVE the colors in the background! That is some pretty snazzy graffiti! Can't wait to see the pictures you take there... if they turn out like your kids ones, then they will be awesome! AN how stinkin' cute is Malia in Maddie's clothes? Love it!

Haley L said...

Just now getting to get back to my online world. LOVE the graffiti wall! The colors are amazing. Good luck with your shoot tomorrow!!