Sunday, August 16, 2009


Malias language is off and on again lately.. sometimes she is saying a lot of words and sometimes she is refusing.. so weird to me and one of those things where Im like ok is this an adoption issue or just her personality?? Anyways weve been working really hard to not just give her what she wants when she does the uh uh uh, and trying to get her to use words and especially please which she will sign on que but we want her to start using words!! A big one of these times is when she wants our food, I make her say bite please or taste please. So its kinda funny, she will totally say it for the first bite and then after that she is back to uh uh uh and will stick out her tongue as far as she can and lean in waiting for her bite, it cracks us up!

Well Rich was able to get her to ask tonight if he did it word by word, it was so stinking cute, we did it over and over again and as soon as he would get to the word bite she would just stick out her tongue! Well eventually she was starting to say bite too, its pretty darn cute! Anyways heres a video of it, she kinda has an accent with some words which just cracks me up! (not a Korean accent btw)!

*Also those of you who have seen my girls closets and would like it for your own daughters.. watch out cuz Im going to be going through their stuff and putting it on the blog for sale!! Also I went through Kadens closet and Im shipping some stuff off to Tami but for those of you who want maybe just some play clothes for your boys come on over and grab some of Kadens stuff its mostly size 10.


Elizabeth said...

I love the way she puts her little hand on Rich's arm when she is trying to ask for a bite! :) So cute!

Haley L said...

First of all, precious video. Second, I cannot believe how articulate she is with her words. Knowing she only heard Korean for her whole first year, I am totally blown away at her language skills!

Melissa said...

Sooooo cute!