Friday, August 21, 2009

School time!

School time means... quiet! It also means I am LONELY! Anyways we are on day 3 so its actually kinda nice today especially with Malia being back to her happy self!
Kaden went to Middle school and is loving it! I know he was nervous about his classes and having to find them on time but with only 1 locker issue he is doing great! He loves all of his teachers and especially 2 of them! What a load off and a relief for him and me that he is enjoying it... guess we'll see how he feels once hes getting homework from all 7 classes!!
Ya I was tearing up SO!!

The pic on his way in.. from the car cuz Im no longer allowed to be seen with him!
Maddie is a first grader!! She LOVES IT!! Loves her teacher loves going to lunch loves loves it all! On our way home from school her first day she wanted to go right back because she loved it so much! Im so glad she loves it, but boy do I miss her so much! I miss my pal!
Shes so grown up with her missing teeth and picking out her own clothes and shes getting to say what her hair should be.. WAY TO FAST!

1st grade! So excited!
A little before school fun on dad!
Miss my girl!
First time at her desk and already homework!
NOW Malia is a TOTALLY different story! She either really hates her siblings being gone or her teeth are really really ticking her off because this girl has been a major pain in the BUTT!
She has been throwing some SERIOUS tantrums! OMG I have lost my mind this week with her, my patience has been gone and my mommy skills have been seriously tested... well today has been 100 percent better!! She has been happy and smily and chatty and awesome! LOVE when shes happy and when I dont feel like Im walking on egg shells around her.
So this is how our last couple couple of days have looked like and I can say that her outside appearance is how I felt too!

This was after 30 minutes of crying YA it was a LONG day!

K so glad we are hopefully past this hot mess phase!


Melissa said...

I bet Malia is just trying to adjust to being alone in the house! Rory hasn't been throwing tantrums, but she does just wander around the house like she doesn't know what to do without Camden and then when he does get home, she wants to play so badly, and he wants to be alone. LOL