Saturday, August 22, 2009

A sneak peak!

I got to hang out with the Lindhardts today. Haley asked me months ago to take a family photo for them but I have been way to scared to do it! But we were talking the other day and I had been thinking about what exactly I would want to do with them and the thought had accured to me that they absolutely live for summer and baseball and it would be fun to do it at a baseball field, so I told Haley my idea and so here we are!
It was super super hot we were all melting and the sun was really bright so we kept it pretty short and sweet but I think we got some good shots!
Thanks for letting me take part!!
Now Im off to edit!


alison said...

Great Job!

Haley L said...

Can photoshop take about 20 pounds off my BUTT please???? I actually love that you can see the scoreboard in the background of that one. Again, many, many thanks. You are a talented lady!

tamiz said...

Love it! You captured the Lindy's perfectly! Haley for REAL, your hiney looks great!