Friday, August 14, 2009

Annual School Fashion Show!

Today we had our annual back to school fashion show! This time we had music playing outside so they came out strutting their stuff.. well Maddie did Kaden wasnt so into posing for me this year!! Maddie is a pro at the cat walk and loved every second of it! She is also a VERY fast dresser.. she kept beating Kaden during their quick changes!
I was a very smart shopper this summer.. I was very proud of myself. Every time there was a sale on shirts or shorts or pants I would get a few here and there saving me lots of $$!!
It was so much funner shopping for Kaden this year now that he is a little older and bigger I can shop in funner stores for him.. he has graduated from kid gap which is nice! He still has a ways to go pant wise so a few of his bottoms are big on him but he insisted that they were FINE because he wanted to be out of the gap kids section! Hes got his cologne and is looking and smelling good.. got a haircut too, all of his school supplies are ready so he is ready for SCHOOL!
Maddie looks darling in all of her new clothes and she knows it! She loves her sparkle pants and cute shoes and I love that she has her own fashion sense and quite a good one too! She knows what goes with what which is so cute! All her backs are packed and shes ready to go.. Im just not ready.
So enjoy the show.. Kaden was SO not into posing like I said but he cant help his good looks!! And Maddie of course was a posing pro!


tamiz said...

I'm sorry to hear that Kaden's bottom's too big. He will grow into it I'm sure. JK~I know what you meant. My mom uses that word for pants too so I can't stand it.