Monday, March 15, 2010


Oh how I love afternoon light and warm weather! Awwww

I was having a rough afternoon. I think its because of the book Im reading. It seems that if I am reading a happy book Im happy if Im reading an intense book.. Im intense. Right now Im reading Jodi Picoults "House Rules" Its getting intense and makes me anxious!
The kids were driving me nuts so I knew I needed to put the book down and go play outside. It was good medicine! I really need someone to be reading this with me so I can discuss it!
I had another butt kicking work out today.. it feels SO GOOD to get my butt kicked a couple times a week! Im really loving it!
Now on to pictures.. because I LOVE me some good lighting, and it was a good lighting kinda day!

I love love warm afternoon lighting.. makes me smile!

I was taking pics of Maddie when Malia joined.. Maddie did such a good job keeping her safe by the pond... OH and I pond is melted and running again YA!!
Because shes so darn stinkin cute!

Kaden was waiting for his ride to bball... I thought it was cool to capture him in thought.. or whatever he was doing~!

Looking for the fish.. hope they survived!

So a good start to the week!!


Elizabeth said...

I too loved the warm sunshine! It is only going to be warmer tomorrow! Yeah!!

tamiz said...

Keep that warm weather coming! We went and played dodge ball at the tennis courts last night. It was lots of fun til the snooty real tennis players came and wanted the court. Then we went to the playground where we were eaten by MOSQUITOES. UGH! They've hatched!

Angela said...

Love the effect you did with that first picture! So cool! I am excited for the warmer weather too! That alone puts me in a good mood. :)

Erica said...

Great pictures!! I too love the one of Kaden 'thinking'. That is such a cool shot. Although the ones of girls turned out just as wonderful! I really want to read House Rules. I saw it at the store the other day and almost grabbed it- I want to read it, so if I do we'll talk about it.