Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Happy St. Patty's Day! We all wore green... except Kaden who started getting pinched as soon as he got out of the car! He ended up with green marker all over his face and arms, which I didnt get a pic of).
We didnt do anything fun today.. I spaced that it was St. P Day until this morning and so no fun for us. It was a pretty busy day Malia has been super cranky for the last 2 days.. not sure whats going on and Im hoping she isnt getting sick.. please!!
I do have to say Malia has been hilarious lately. She is talking so well, we can pretty much have conversations with her.. unless she deems you unworthy at the time. A few things she has said lately that has cracked us up..
She grabbed Madisons hands (who was sitting and chatting with Rich) and told her stop it you sassy girl.
Loves to tell us "thats funny"
She will now tell me thanks for dinner mommy its gooood.. before anyone else! So cute!
The other day she told Rich after he had told her to stop doing something "shhh go to bed"
And for the last week or so when we tell her it is bed time she says "no Im AWAKE"
Today she told me no.. quite a bit. No is usually something that I feel like she uses correctly sometimes and sometimes doesnt understand.. today she understood, naught girl!
So I guess she is getting a little bit sassy.. which she will tell you. Yesterday after she was sent to a time out she came out and said sorry for being sassy lol.
I do love how great she is talking, it makes things so much easier, or at times will get her in trouble!
Thats all I can think of for now but her vocab is growing by the minute it seems!! Today at dance a mom said to her daughter OO ____ dont you wish you could talk like her, but she probably has 2 years on you. I said really.. Malia is 2. She seemed shocked and said OO well when is her Birthday ___ will be 2 in May. A pretty big difference and Malia only started talking really well just in the last month or so, but this mom seemed a little bit ticked and really wanted to distance their ages. Kinda made me laugh.. happened to be a certain mom I mentioned a couple weeks ago that ticked me off.
Maddie decided to get nice and comfy for bed.. she did take most of that off though!
We were outside practicing ball today.. I think I will have a nice bruise from a fast ball from Kaden after teasing him he throws like a girl.. I was kidding but I guess he decided to not take it easy on me after that lol.

Lil Sassy pants having fun outside.


tamiz said...

I can't wait for Malia and Jude to have some convo's with each other. Annoyed with the BHH mom! Think I'll start my morning with the chicks and rabbits i finally got last night!

Melissa said...

Such a fun age!

Elizabeth said...

Malia is quite the chatty patty! Love it!

Angela said...

Those are some great pics of Kaden in action! And the pic of Madison in her night time outfit just makes me laugh!