Sunday, March 21, 2010


Happy Sunday everyone! I was so excited to see the sun out and the snow melting! I have a few shoots this week and I need good weather!
We had a good Sunday. The girls both wore their Easter dresses from last year.. Malia's was quite a bit shorter and showed her toosh if she had her hands up but it looked so cute I had to let her wear it! Maddies fit pretty much the same just not as long!
While we were at church Malia needed to go potty.. she happens to be terrified of toilets right now (except ours at home) because of the auto flush.. a few bad experiences where she has been sitting and FLUSH, so now she is uncontrollably terrified. Not fun for her.. or for me!
So After a melt down she napped on me and then Rich had to run her home so she could go potty. We really need to figure out how help her get over her toilet fear.. any ideas?

Kaden knows how to tie his own tie, and I think its adorable!

O heres Mad looking Oh so adorable!
Dont know what happened with the order.. OOPS!

Ive been asked how I get Malias hair curly.. Im going to show you but I need you to sit down and prepare yourselves! lolpr
Heres the curler.. its massive.. dont be affraid! In the end its worth it..

Because after, she is so happy with herself!
So pretty!

Though I love this, Im really thinking its time to go back to her cute little bob.. what do you think Erica?? You ready to chop her hair!?


tamiz said...

The only reason I guessed it was a tripple barrel was cuz of that night at bunko way back in the day when we asked Tara about her hair. Everyone looks so great! I'm really proud of you for using Easter dresses twice! I'm sure it took some effort.

Angela said...

oooo..... I want one of those curling irons for me... My hair is so lifeless and it could use some help! As far as auto flushing toilets, for awhile I had to hold my hand over the sensor while they went just so they could feel "safe". As long as they saw my hand back there, it worked. BTW... all your kids looked adorable today!

Melissa said...

Gorgeous first picture of Malia!

I have got to get one of those curling irons! And DO not tempt me with a cute bob for Malia. I'm dying to cut Rory's hair, but Brian really likes it long so I'm trying to leave it for a bit. If you cut Malia's, it's totally going to push me over the edge. :)

Erica said...

I am so sorry about the potty thing. I could see complete frustration on your face yesterday. Stinky you had to run all the way home so that she would finally go. I hope in time it will get better!!

I'm ready whenever you are- I think she is a doll no matter the cut!