Saturday, March 13, 2010


I know its going to be a good day when I can open the windows at 9 in the morning!! OH weather I am in love with you!
I had a photo shoot which usually means lots of cartoons and movies for the kids, but with this gorgeous weather I was able to send them outside which made them more than happy!!
And when I was done we all ended up spending most of the afternoon outside! We played lots of games! I love sitting in the backyard reading and listening to them giggle!

Kaden clearly didnt get much sleep last night.. he was a little ornery and tired all day.. but still had a good day while we were outside!
Here are a couple pics from my session! I love this babies blue eyes.. he wasnt a big fan of being on his tummy and 3 month old shots are difficult but he ended up loving a little bell I have for distraction so we got some good shots!!
This sweet little girl was a charmer, she was super smart and a total ham for the camera!!

Go to SnapHappy to check out more! Its been a LONG Saturday so Im hopefully off to bed!


tamiz said...

And no opened windows here either! Good job on pix. Glad to see your patio furniture survived the winter! I think I'll sit on that in a few weeks!