Saturday, March 20, 2010



Day I dont know what of Malia asserting herself.. in all the wrong ways! There was a lot less crying today so that was good!
We had a busy Saturday of kids running in all different directions while I was at home cleaning for my "New Moon" viewing... which sounds naughty if you dont know the Twilight series LOL!!
So Im off to pop popcorn!!!

One was enough then he put up the hand lol!


Angela said...

Fun and sweet pictures of your kids! Once Tami mentioned that Kaden's eyes really stand out... Man, they really do! Love the 3rd pic down of Malia. She has the prettiest skin and a great smile! Looks like a fun day and I can't wait for tonight! To Moon or not to moon? I will try to be good. LOL

tamiz said...

I have new moon on my ppv. I'm going to have to watch it once the boys go back to school in 32 hrs! Have a grand ol' time!

Erica said...

The party was fun- thanks!!! Love that first picture of Malia.

Haley L said...

Thanks for the invite! So fun. Your basement rocks! I think even the weather channel would be entertaining down there. :)